Journal of Student-Run Clinics

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Journal of Student-Run Clinics is a student-run, peer-reviewed publication with a specific focus on student-run clinics (SRCs). Welcoming content from a wide range of topics, the publication is primed to highlight insights and innovation related to different aspects of SRCs, from clinic models to quality improvement to ethics and beyond.

The Journal is often in need of Student and Faculty Reviewers, Student Editors, and other talent. For more information about current needs, visit the journal’s Become a Reviewer page or email journal@journalsrc.org

The Journal of Student-Run Clinics is the official journal of the Society of Student-Run Free Clinics (SSRFC). The Society of Student-Run Free Clinics is an international, interprofessional association that promotes collaboration between student-run free clinics through the sharing of ideas, resources, and data and contributes to the growth of new clinics.

The primary goal of the Journal of Student-Run Clinics is to spread inspiration for and increase communication regarding best practices in patient care, student education, and practice management in SRCs. In addition, the Journal seeks to be a nexus of inter-clinic and inter-disciplinary engagement and collaboration through shared participation in the publishing process at all levels.


The Journal of Student-Run Clinics is in search of 3 assistant editors. As an assistant editor you have the opportunity to work with the journal to process incoming submissions, review scholars works, and learn about the inner workings of a scholarly journal. Students with research experience are preferred. Assistant editors receive training from associate editors on how to review and handle articles. This is a 10-15 hour a month commitment. If interested, please email your CV to journal@journalsrc.org